World War II Sweetheart Cuff

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World War II Sweetheart Cuff with the name of its wearer, “Ginny,” hand-engraved along with a beach motif. Perhaps the scene represents a dream for the lovers once they were reunited after the war. Or maybe it simply pictures a scene from home. Either way, this is such a special, haunting, sweet piece. 


Sweetheart jewelry began as a trend around World War I but it gained immense popularity during the second world war. Jewelry companies of the time had lines reflecting patriotic themes such as flags, the letter “V” for victory, or hearts. What sets this piece apart from mass produced sweetheart jewelry of the time is its hand-etching. It most likely was made by the gifter—possibly a young, poor soldier who did the engraving himself on some readily available metal to save money. In the wake of the depression and the war metal rationing and shortages were a daily reality. That makes this piece all the more meaningful.