Moon + Star Earrings

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C. 1870-1890's.These magical French Victorian earrings tap into a very common motif found in Victorian jewelry—the crescent moon. Crescent moons are a nod to the divine feminine. The Victorian era was heavily influenced by Romanticism and these earrings are a small, sweet example of powerful ideals that took hold during this time through jewelry. Jewelry was talismanic. Jewelry was symbolic. Jewelry was sentimental.

These lovely earrings were once part of a set with a matching bracelet, now broken, marked with a boar’s head (a French silver hallmark). Though their base metal is silver, they retain remnants of their original gold gilt. Their worn finish speaks to what I love most about antique jewelry; they speak to the past, present, and future.

Earrings measure around 2 cm from the top of the wire to the bottom of the drop.