the Mirrors Collection is here!

Posted by Supriya Kotagal on

Some of you caught the news in my Instagram stories this weekend but I wanted to formally announce the launch of our Fall line, the Mirrors Collection! 

Curating pieces for this collection was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done with my time and you’ll find that all the pieces in some way evoke the idea of mirrors, either quite literally in the reflective quality of their materials or more metaphorically speaking, in their duality, their ability to reflect the past, the fact that some pieces come in two’s, or the fact that we might see ourselves when we gaze upon them. 

A great deal of inspiration for this collection comes from the impending fall and winter filled with unknowns. During this challenging time of isolation, I’d like to think mirrors can remind us that we are not alone, that we always have ourselves, our strength, and our beauty to rely upon. 

Pictured is one of the dopest pieces EVER—a mirrored cap accordion clutch from Whiting and Davis circa the 1940s that pretty much looks like an alien creature when it’s open. To me, this bag is a mirror, situated firmly in the past but reflecting a fanciful (and gnarly) future. 

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