Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

Posted by Supriya Kotagal on

At Pearl, we are striving to do something different. We feel great about offering you hand-picked, stylish vintage pieces you wont find anywhere else. We feel great about our commitment to sustainable secondhand fashion. But we don't feel great about...shipping. As an e-commerce business, our bread and butter is tied to online sales and that means we must use shipping to get our gorgeous pieces to you, wherever you are. With that in mind, we are committed to trying our best to do what we can to mitigate the impact shipping has on the environment.

  • We only use compostable, recyclable mailers.
  • Your jewelry and accessories will arrive in boxes and packaging that has either been used before and/or is completely recyclable.
And finally, we are a proud member of the Carbonfree Small Business Program. We purchase carbon offsets to mitigate the impact our shipping has on the environment. Specifically, our money goes towards forest preservation and reforestation efforts. You can learn more about our sponsor at Carbonfund.org.

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